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Case study: Finding the best AI headshot generator for remote teams

Case study: Finding the best AI headshot generator for remote teams

By Dreamwave Editorial Team



The Challenge: Corporate headshots and branding for a remote team

Adapting to a remote work model post-pandemic posed a variety of unique operational challenges for Array Insights — including team headshots. Array Insights is a fully remote global healthcare company, spanning multiple countries and time zones. This made traditional photography methods impractical for their global team. Yet, they still needed cohesive and continuous brand image team headshots. This challenge is not unique; more and more companies are facing similar operational challenges in maintaining brand continuity in remote settings​​. A McKinsey report highlights these growing trends in remote work and their implications for business operations. 

Array Insights soon realized that utilizing AI was the only way to get corporate headshots for their entire remote team. After thorough research, they determined that Dreamwave’s AI headshot generator emerged as the best choice for accuracy, quality, data security, and privacy.

Jenny Hambleton's professional headshot from Dreamwave

Dreamwave: The best AI headshot generator for quality, accuracy, data privacy, and security

Building Trust in AI: Are AI headshots safe? 

Despite the organizational need for cohesive headshots, many employees at Array Insights were still apprehensive about adopting this new technology. First, they had questions about privacy and data security. At Dreamwave, privacy and data security is core to what we do, and we wanted to take the time to thoroughly address these concerns. We showcased our robust privacy framework, ensuring data integrity and user control – a vital aspect of AI ethics that Array Insights also prioritizes. 

Second, the globally diverse team at Array Insights was skeptical of AI headshots after seeing cases of bias in many AI-generated photos. At Dreamwave, we’re committed to minimizing bias, and we specifically developed our AI to accurately represent people from all ethnic backgrounds. Array Insights was thrilled with the photos that we produced for them — they said that the photos produced were “extremely inclusive and accurately represented each member of our team.” At Dreamwave, we believe AI technology must represent and serve the diversity of its users, and we’re glad that the diverse team at Array Insights loved their photos! We’re proud that Array Insights found us to be the best AI headshot generator in their search for a headshot solution for remote teams.

Professional headshots generated with Dreamwave’s AI headshot generator for Array Insights’s remote team.

About Array Insights

Array Insights supports patient-focused organizations with AI technologies and data science services. Spun out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Array helps patient advocacy organizations transform unstructured patient data into valuable and actionable insights. They provide a centralized hub to efficiently gather, organize, and analyze patient and caregiver stories, bringing efficiency, accuracy, and depth to the understanding of patient experiences. As an agnostic software and service provider, Array Insights offers a variety of AI-powered data solutions for patient experience reporting and patient story management. Enable patient-benefitting insights without compromising data privacy at

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