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"So I found this thread a few days ago because my wife needed a photo. Let me tell you guys…..this is the BEST AI photo generators I’ve ever seen. I needed to come back here to pay my respects of how great this tool is. Everyone here is asking for a code but it’s well worth the price and it’s $20 off!" — Trav1989 (Reddit)

All paid packages come with:
Access to our AI photo editor
100+ professional clothing & background styles
2 hour turnaround time (unless stated)

$35 $55· Starter

Get 120 photos. No free redos — you must purchase again to try again with new sample photos.

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$59 $79· Standard

Get 240 photos. One free redo included to try again with new sample photos.

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$99 $119· Best Value

Get 500 photos. Two free redos included to try again with new sample photos. Includes free human touchups from our Photoshop experts.

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I only want one headshot to update my LinkedIn/personal website. Can I just purchase one headshot?

Messages from our happy customers!

"I've tried other AI generators for headshots with some disasterous results. Dreamwave made amazing photos that are actually usable. Very pleased!"

"I had a bad experience initially with a different company doing AI headshots so I was coming into this skeptical. I saw some good feedback about Dreamwave AI on reddit and I was not disappointed!!! They give you so many pictures to choose from and a good number of mine came out awesome. I have about 30 that I like so far and they offer ways to unlock more photos. I will definitely recommend this service to other people!! It was a lot of fun choosing images ... My mom is going to have fun helping me choose the finals!" — Erin

"I was incredibly impressed with my first gallery from Dreamwave! I needed a new headshot for work, and I received multiple images that not only looked professional but actually looked like me (something that’s been surprisingly hard to come by with other AI platforms.) I’ve recommended Dreamwave to multiple coworkers and will continue to do so!" — Whitney

"Great photos - totally worth the money. Cheaper than a real photo shoot!" — Eason

"Incredible value from the image generation quality of the platform. I expected to have maybe one usable image if I got lucky, but was pleased to see several near-identical look alike developed that I could utilize professionally. That alone is worth the cost." — Yousef

"By far the best AI portrait generator and they give you a bunch of variations to choose from!"

"This is fantastic! I was recently promoted and needed a headshot quick. In an hour I had too many great photos to choose from. I let a coworker decide for me." — Greg

"This was by far the best AI generated headshots I have recieved. Be sure to follow the instructions! But I have tried multiple AI generators but this one was the most accurate." - Jessica

"Photos came out amazing, mind blowing!"

"I used Dreamweave to make a professional profile picture and it worked flawlessly!" — Daniel

"For the price, I was shocked at how many photos I was given and how great they looked!" — Coby

"I’ve tried several different AI headshot generators and Dreamweave is hands down the most realistic and accurate of any that I’ve done. The skin texture in particular looks so true to life, some really felt like photos I had taken!" — Lisa

"Dreamwave AI is incredible. From just a few selfies taken and a couple of outfit changes I now have dozens of LinkedIn worthy and company website approved headshots. So much so that several others in my company are looking at doing the same!" — Jay

"Dreamwave AI's generated headshots is nothing short of remarkable. I couldn't be happier with the results. Highly recommended for anyone in need of top-notch AI-generated headshots!" - Yew

"Great tool if you need professional photos and no time to go to the photographer. Many varieties of backgrounds." — Helena